Not everyday is perfect

If we think somehow that everyday is supposed to perfect and were always gonna be in this perfect sense of bliss in meaning of fulfilment we are cheating on ourselves. And we`re probably not being realistic. And that`s a mistake. That everyday is supposed to be perfect and joyous and abandoned and oh my gosh perfect. No.

There are lots of days that aren`t. The more time you spend doing things that you love I promise you watch your sense of meaning of fulfilment go through the roof.

But, most people think I`m going to quit my job – no – what you gotta do is, keep yourself two more hours to that thing you love a week. Maybe that happens on Saturday morning before the kids get up. Maybe that happens after hours at work. What do you like doing, what are you interested in, what drives your passion. What do you love actually spending your time on. Finding those things and exploring and spending time with them regardless of the external rewards, the extrinsic rewards, no you don`t because you inherently find them to be interesting, passionate, good. You love doing it. The more time you spend doing things you that love I promise you watch your sense of meaning and fulfillness going through the roof.

And for you love is doing a career, right? For you maybe love is exploring a topic. For you maybe do what you love is starting your business. Maybe for you love means I will spend quality time with my family. Love is I`m going to be a great parent right now at this stage of my life. Maybe love right now means you`re gonna build something new. Maybe love is just that one thing you do out in the garage you just love doing. My dad loved building birdboxes. Is there an interest a hobby a passion you just love doing and maybe you know what it doesn`t add up to the bank account, it doesn`t get you undercover on the magazines but it makes life worthwhile, you feel better, you feel greater sense of fulfillment from life, because you are living life doing things and being a person that you love.

Good to see you guys! Keep going and crushing your goals!