Great to see you here! It definitely means you are serious with your goals which is amazing!


Discipline. It does start with waking up early, but that is just the beginning. It’s everything. It’s working out every day making yourself stronger and faster and more flexible and healthier. That’s what discipline is. Discipline means taking the hard road, the uphill road to do what’s right for yourself and other people. But discipline calls for strength and fortitude and will. It won’t accept weakness. It won’t tolerate another breakdown.

The discipline can sin like it’s your worst enemy. But the reality is discipline is your best friend. It will take care of you like nothing else can. And it’ll put you on that path, the path to strength and health and intelligence and happiness.

How do you develop that discipline for something? I think that’s worth simple things. Number 1, you must know your outcome. How can you possibly focus or discipline if you don’t know the outcome you’re after. Most people don’t lack focus or discipline, they lack the clarity that would give them the focus and the discipline. That’s why the first I always have is to seek clarity.

What’s the goal? What’s the tangible or intangible thing that I know when I get there, when I see that, feel that experience how to achieve that. That’s what I’m after, some kind of outcome. You won’t stay disciplined unless you can see, feel, sense, acknowledge intellectually what the outcome is you’re after.

If you’re not disciplined on the existing basis, it’s because you don’t know what you want. So don’t beat yourself up that you’re lazy, you just need to make a decision about what it is that you want. What do you want by Friday? What do you want by the end of the month? What do you want this quarter? If you’re confused about the next five years of your life, please start with the next five weeks of your life.

As we move throughout our lives, we get a bit more clear of what we like and what we don’t like. What draws passion and strength and contribution or what it does? Know your outcome. Do you want this one? Know your outcomes.

Number 2, schedule. There is no discipline without a schedule. Discipline requires a schedule. So fill out your schedule, work a schedule. You get more self-trust. With that self-trust comes confidence. From that confidence comes more competence. We gain more mastery and we’re in the game more.

Number 3, you’re gonna have to delegate more, which means there’re some things you can’t handle by yourself and you have to delegate that. Outcomes, schedule, the delegation, and the last thing is, often you don’t have the discipline because you’d set up no reward and reflection. If you’re lacking the discipline, probably it’s because you’ve never rewarded yourself. You’ve never reflected on how far you’ve come. You still think you’re the same as you were in your twenties and your thirties. Just like you’ve come so far, and you’re still thinking like that kid. If you want to be disciplined this month, know your outcome, read on a schedule, delegate or say no, and 4th, reflect.