Being unstoppable

Winner Mentality I know that it can be very very frustrating to try and become disciplined. Morale makes up 3 quarters of the game. You dont get disciplined from your parents from your grandparents, from your older brothers and sisters, you dont get disciplined from an external source. You have to get it from you […]

Winner Mentality

Winner Mentality Winners value the process of winning. They really value the process. Loosers over valuate the outcome and under evaluate the process. If you win, you win because you understand there is an entire process before the day you win. The winning habits of successful people is they understand the process. Preparation relieves pressure, […]

Not everyday is perfect

Not everyday is perfect If we think somehow that everyday is supposed to perfect and were always gonna be in this perfect sense of bliss in meaning of fulfilment we are cheating on ourselves. And we`re probably not being realistic. And that`s a mistake. That everyday is supposed to be perfect and joyous and abandoned […]

Think Strategic – Win your daily battles transcription

Think Strategic – Win your daily battles transcription Hello groundbrakers! Nice to see you here, never loose your focus, stay on the sucess path and remember: YOU CAN DO IT. Find below the latest transcription for Think Stragegic podcast. Ask yourself this question: what I am doing? What I am about to do? Is it […]


Great to see you here! It definitely means you are serious with your goals which is amazing! DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING – transcription Discipline. It does start with waking up early, but that is just the beginning. It’s everything. It’s working out every day making yourself stronger and faster and more flexible and healthier. That’s what […]

Don`t take today off

Every second counts… Magnum Motivation I say you’ve got to pay attention. You have to watch. You have to watch every single second because those seconds, they turn into minutes, and minutes turn into hours, and hours turn into days, and days turn into years. Don’t take today off. You need to get things done. […]

4 minutes for the next 40 years

Prioritize who you are, who you want to be, and do not spend time with anything that antagonizes your character. Matthew McConaughey Life is not easy, life is not easy, it is not. Do not try to make it that way. Life is not fair, never was it is not now, and it would not […]

Success Mindset

When you shift your mindset towards the positive you will quickly realize that there is a reservoir of untapped potential waiting to be released by you. Magnum Motivation Team Be clear in your mind in what you intend to achieve. Achievement is not for the select few. Achievement is simply for those who never quit. […]

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