Winner Mentality

I know that it can be very very frustrating to try and become disciplined. Morale makes up 3 quarters of the game. You dont get disciplined from your parents from your grandparents, from your older brothers and sisters, you dont get disciplined from an external source.

You have to get it from you – thats what self-discipline is. You get it from yourself, you get it from you. It doesnt come from your parents, you dont inherit it. If you dont take ownership of the problem, the problem is not gonna be solved. So don`t blame your parents for not having raised you in a disciplined environment, you are not gonna solve the problem.

As long as you are blaming other people, as long as you`re counting on other people to give you discipline as long as you do that you will not have it. Being in a military does not make you a disciplined person, being from a disciplined family does not make you a disciplined person, being in a disciplined group does not make you a disciplined person. What makes you a disciplined person is choosing to be disciplined.

There are things that you know you are supposed to do as a human being. Things that you know are gonna improve your life. DO THOSE THINGS. There`s things that you know are gonna make you a worse person and make your life worse – DON`T DO THOSE THINGS. Don`t do the things that are making you weaker, start doing the things that are gonna make you stronger, and smarter and faster and healthier and gonna make you a better human being.

You wanna be more disciplined? Get after it.  That`s it!

Get up early, do some kind of workout, eat good food, clean up your room, make a list of things you`re supposed to do in your life. Then wake up in the morning and do those things. That you put on the list. That`s what discipline is. And no, it is not easy, you are not gonna get it from anyone else but you. And it`s worth it and it is the thing that is going to bring you freedom.